Trading indices is for those who want to trade on security markets without investing in a certain company. Stock market indices are indicators that describe the situation in a certain segment of this or that company group.

While trading indices you use such tool as futures. It suits trading on fluctuations of basic asset indices. In addition, with their help, you can trade fractional units. This makes trading accessible to both small and large investors.

You will be able to trade such well-known stock indices as Dow Jones Industrial, Standard & Poor’s 500, Nasdaq Composite, NIKKEI, and DAX 30. Those who want to learn the basics of defining index movements without losing assets may trade on a demo account.

Leverage service is also at your disposal. It will increase the amount of your deals by 100 times. FXPrime 365 has a team of professional analysts who will consult you anytime you need help. Our support experts are ready to provide you with assistance 24 hours per day.

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